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The Economic Populist

On The Economic Populist you might have noticed the right column. 
We try to list other sites and blogs who have exceptional insight 
and writing on what is happening in the U.S. economy.

Sometimes though, one cannot say it better but miss those who did.

Must Read Post #1

An Aerospace Engineer states the obvious, the best job training is a job:

    The problem was not the investment Cortney's family made in her education. The problem is our dangerously low level of job creation.

    What happened to the jobs Cortney was counting on?

    Investment creates jobs. GE invests billions in China. Microsoft invests billions in India. Boeing invests billions in Russia. General Motors builds more cars in China than in America. We are making millions of new jobs -- just not in America.

    It is no surprise that our economy is hollowing out. Look at the huge global oversupply of cheap labor, combined with mobility of capital, rapid transfer of technology out of the country, and trade policies that encourage investment offshore.

    Our immigration policies also hurt domestic students. If Cortney had graduated in my field, physics, she could compete for her entry-level job with about 700,000 foreign temporary high-tech workers on H-1B visas. If she wanted an internship, she could compete with an additional 40- to 50,000 foreign students in the Optional Practical Training program. Incomprehensibly, Congress is considering making masters degrees in science and engineering a straight-line path to citizenship. Foreign students already make up 60 to 70% of many graduate programs in science and technology. Adding citizenship as an incentive to foreign students will displace even more domestic students from graduate programs.

    The best job training is a job.

Must Read Post #2

Heard of Puppy Mills? Well, since the middle class is being treated like dogs, no surprise we now have foreclosure mills, or how yet more predators are making big bucks by throwing families out into the street. The article is a long investigative piece on:

    How the federal housing agencies—and some of the biggest bailed-out banks—are helping shady lawyers make millions by pushing families out of their homes.

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